Because we believe in God’s transforming power,

our vision is to help people around the world recognize detrimental behaviors and change them to become more Christ-like.

We train leaders around the world to equip their own people to put God’s Word into practice. Our Biblically-based lessons and healthy psychological teaching method lead to positive behavior changes – transforming individuals, families and communities.

A brief history

After starting as a Dallas, Texas, based prison ministry, NLBI has evolved into a comprehensive service ministry reaching out to people of all walks of life around the world. In August 1984, Dr. H. M. Motsinger, an educator and counselor, accepted the call to write a curriculum that would assist prison inmates to change their attitudes and actions. After four years of writing and teaching inmates, Head Chaplain Emmett Solomon asked Dr. Motsinger to quit teaching the inmates and transition into training other men and women to teach the curriculum. By this time, the term “New Life Behavior” had been given to the ministry. After more than 32 years of continuous use, the NLBI curriculum and Responsive Teaching Model have a successful track record of helping people of all ages in many culture around the world to change behavior, leading to people becoming Christians and churches being started.

Dr. H.M. Motsinger New Life Behavior International

Our core beliefs
Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God.
We are born in the image of God, which is love.
We are free to decide to follow Christ or our own path.
Our current and future behavior is the result of how we feel, think and have behaved in the past.
Our heavenly Father sent His only son to save us from our own sinful behavior so we can live a love oriented life, sacrificing for others.
His son, Jesus, died for us, established His church for us, and was resurrected for us.
The Father sent the Holy Spirit to guide us.
Following our faith in Jesus as the Christ, the Son of God, a confession of our sins, and baptism into Christ, we rise to walk in a newness of life and live in fellowship with the church.